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Avogen Intimate Capsules

Avogen Intimate Capsules is the natural, clinically proven choice to become a new you. Unlike one-size fits all medications, Intimate Capsules adapt to you and your needs.

We recommend Avogen Intimate Capsule application (vaginal insertion) once per evening for 6 weeks.

You may respond sooner and do not need the full 6 weeks, but most will. Whenever that satisfactory response occurs, thereafter you may reduce frequency of application. Typically, this means afterward from 4-8 capsules per month are used to maintain optimum moisturized tone and resiliency.

The overall response will continue to improve as applications continue. If you stop taking Avogen Intimate Capsules altogether, the tissues will revert to previous levels of dryness.

The cellulose capsule material will usually disperse and leave no residue by morning. Any residual will go into the toilet.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy you may be especially dry and sensitive and may need to maintain daily application during treatments that extend beyond the recommended 40 days of Avogen Intimate Capsules usage. Simply reduce frequency of application as you are able to do so.

• The hormone-free vaginal makeover
• Doctor recommended, Clinically proven against vaginal discomfort
• Effective, simple, natural, organic ingredients
• No messy creams, applicators, preservatives or drug ingredients
• Low cost, convenient, vaginal suppository capsules

Recommended use is 1x per day (evenings better) for six weeks. Thereafter you may reduce frequency of application to 1x or 2x per week to maintain tone and resiliency. Do not break open Capsules. You may apply vaseline or vegetable oil such as coconut oil to the capsule to ease insertion. The cellulose capsule material will usually disperse and leave no residue.

The capsules are not intended to be a lubricant during sexual activity with a condom. This product contains, in part, vegetable oil that condom manufacturers caution may compromise the barrier function of certain types of condoms. Wait several hours after insertion of the capsule before relying on a condom.

This product is not a contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.

WARNING: *This product should not be used if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or if you think you are pregnant.*

If you experience any rash, swelling, pain, irritation, discomfort, or vaginal bleeding discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

We guarantee satisfaction.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Avogen Dietary Supplements 

Avogen keys on the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) to aid and support cells deteriorated from aging and stress. These aging and stress symptoms in the extra-cellular matrix and elsewhere are usually distinct and measurable by 30 years old. As the body undergoes aging and stress, soft elastic tissues of all organs become, descriptively speaking, more gristle-like. This is sometimes referred to as excess crosslinking.

In trauma, for example, the scars that form could be described as overly crosslinked fibers. In a sense, aging tissue may be thought of as a thin scar – inelastic, disorganized and visually unfavorable.

When ‘scars’ occur internally as we age, and especially from surgery, the tissues adhere together haphazardly from over crosslinking. These ‘adhesions’ from surgery can be very painful and often do not subside. Some studies point to 93% of all surgeries result in adhesions – some worse than others. Aging ECM does not often cause painful adhesions however, it is dysfunctional.

With skin, the extracellular matrix deteriorates and skin becomes thin, hard and dry. When sun damage occurs, the skin becomes highly crosslinked and inelastic. Avogen helps restore tissue to soft, elastic condition and aids and supports the signaling processes between cells that occur in the extracellular matrix.

One capsule daily helps to:

• Clear away the aged and sun-damaged look

• Soften and erase scars, restore stretched skin

• Soften implant areas to the natural feel and look

• Soften chronic adhesions from surgery and injury

• Increase overall vitality and energy

• Improve clarity and coordination

• Softer, freer movement from stiff joints – in days!

Ingredients & Product Care

Avogen is a lightly textured, yellow oil that develops in avocado fruit. We mix this with virgin, organic avocado oil that is very green from natural chlorophyll. The capsule is very stable but avoid extremes of cold and heat and most of all – light. Keep the capsules in their container and store at room temperature. Avogen requires no preservative and will remain stable for at least two years from the date of production.

20 mg:    Avogen™ (Persea Americana extract)
380 mg:  Certified Organic Avocado Oil (Persea Americana virgin oil)

Other Ingredients (Capsule):
Plant Derived Cellulose

* One or two capsules daily. Excess consumption of Avogen will not increase benefits or accelerate desirable change. While safe for children, the advantages of Avogen are realized in tissues that are aging and under stress and should be provided to children under the care of a medical professional.

The Compound

Avogen is a naturally derived fraction of avocado.  The capsule contains the average  amount of Avogen as would be consumed in one whole avocado, as it varies through a season. Avogen has been consumed for thousands of years – whenever you eat guacamole! It is the unique and essential nutrient of avocado found nowhere else in nature. Avogen is what made the avocado famous – in skin and health.

Safety and Precautions

Avogen is a natural avocado metabolite.  Consumption of one capsule per day is, on average, equivalent to eating one avocado per day for Avogen – but without the calories! Avogen is safe for all ages, but it is primarily intended for adults. It is safe to take Avogen during pregnancy.  Avogen has undergone safety tests and exhibits no indications for mutagenic or teratogenic activity.

We advise the following precautions:

• Avogen is not recommended if you are allergic to avocados.

• One or two capsules per day; dosing in excess of one capsule daily will NOT increase benefits.

• Excessive dosing (more than 20 capsules at a time) or accidental ingestion by children or adults may result in digestive upset and symptoms similar to over-ingestion of any vegetable oil.

• Avogen will not interfere with other medications, but consult your doctor if you are taking medications.

• If you experience any undesired symptoms, discontinue the product.


Avogen may be taken before, after or during meals. We suggest just before bedtime.  Avogen is easily digested and should produce no apparent after-taste.

The organic avocado oil ingredient will be absorbed as any vegetable oil to be processed further in the liver or with longer chained fractions, through the lymphatic system.  Avogen itself will pass intact through the stomach and also be absorbed through sites in the digestive tract. There it will proceed to the extracellular matrix via the blood supply and become bio-available in support of the processes there.

 There will be no “drug” sensations in consumption of Avogen.  Stomach upset is rare but if it occurs, discontinue the product.


The FDA has not evaluated any claims made herein nor are Avopharm products intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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